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Aug 24th
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Copying a page from the Karl Rove playbook, Robert Mugabe ordered the Electoral Commission of Zimbabwe to rig the results of last weekend’s presidential election.

Tsvangirai’s trial lasted more than two years. The notorious rogue Israeli intelligence agent, Ari Ben Menashe, fabricated evidence against Tsvangirai. The judge, Paddington Garwe, eventually threw the case out of court and acquitted Tsvangirai. Then Tsvangirai returned to his political career as president of the Movement for Democratic Change. In 2007, Mugabe ordered Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to beat Tsvangirai. The beating of Tsvangirai triggered international outrage.

This year, according to exit-polls organized by non-partisan groups, Tsvangirai trounced Mugabe. Tabulation of the exit-polls suggests that Tsvangirai received 55% to Mugabe’s 38%. The election took place over the weekend, but so far, the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission has not released the results under express orders from Robert Mugabe and his circle of professional election-stealers.

Yesterday, Mugabe convened a secret meeting. Two options were considered: military intervention and election rigging. Fearing civil war, they adopted the latter course of action, and the election results are now being tampered with in order to fabricate results some four days after the election took place.

Emboldened by the Karl Rove-Jim Baker manipulation of the US presidential election of 2000, Mugabe presides over one of the most despotic regimes on the planet.

Planetary is monitoring the situation in Zimbabwe and will report updates as they occur.

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