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Jul 22nd
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Vasarely Vega Nor

What we do


Planetary energetically investigates injustices, especially those that represent the nullification of democracy.

Environmental depletion and racial discrimination empower political corruption. Planetary monitors the most disturbing cases and encourages public dialogue and debate at all levels.

Planetary is fundamentally redefining the strategy for social, political and economic progress against the monolithic barriers to progress that would pitilessly enforce the status quo. Where others see the situation as impossible and flee in defeat, Planetary sees opportunities to reinvigorate and to progress the evolution of society.


Planetary intends to modernise democracy on both a local and a global scale.

Planetary believes that government cannot deliver justice on its own. People need to have power over their daily lives. That is the essence of democratic idealism.

People must consent to the policies of their governments, but they must control their own destinies. Planetary works to achieve environmental sustainability and to impose social responsibility where it is absent.

The absence of social responsibility always endangers both social and environmental justice.


Planetary seeks to achieve real change in public attitudes and corporate and public policies as well as to launch new trends toward a more democratic and just future society to improve the lives of billions of citizens.

Planetary Integration

Integrating global networks of activists with government, corporations, political organisations, universities, unions, financial institutions, NGOs and charities -- Planetary provides a pivotal role in the momentum of progress. We hold private and public seminars for the public, the media and groups of policy makers to provide them with the crucial ingredient for making the right decisions: information.

We deploy individual observers to trouble spots to bring back the highest quality information.

We help develop analyses that will shape public affairs and official policies.

Our objective is truth, the most essential form of information and one of the most elusive. Planetary runs dozens of monitoring and research projects.

Our researchers and investigators dig deeply into the unseen machinations of political processes searching for the answers to troubling questions:

 Why does minority rule qualify as democracy?

 Why must innocent people suffer for their beliefs?

 Why do people support dictatorial regimes?

Planetary’s investigative agents debrief government officials, academics, politicians, union leaders, scientists, experts and educators as well as other eyewitnesses. 

Our findings are regularly reported to the media. 

Planetary’s findings are wholly independent of any government, corporation, institution or other organisation, including those who help to fund our investigative and public affairs operations.

Planetary is always perfectly and absolutely clear of external influence.

Our findings, our papers and their contents are exclusively ours and ours alone.

Planetary is a non-profit organization. The work we undertake could not be done without external support. Donations sustain our operations to probe and disseminate our findings.

Our supporters have empowered us to open a new trend in NGOs. We need their support so we can continue to investigate with vigor over a score of critical cases of injustice and democracy denied on our planet.

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