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Jul 22nd
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Vasarely Vega Nor

Who we are

Established in 2003 the Planetary Movement is on a mission to inform governments, media and the public about crucial issues related to the expansion and healthy growth of democracy and freedom.

Planetary works globally. We incorporate the work of existing social and political institutions and integrate our strategies within the growing network of private citizens committed to public action to achieve progress.

We build upon the work of leading social scientists and politicians, in the belief that social scientists are challenged when confronted with realpolitik and politicians need the direction of the leading intellectual

Today, there is a rising tide of concern for the state of democracy. Many citizens feel alienated and disenfranchised, while many more feel let down by their political leadership and the media elites who serve them. Planetary™ opens a crucial channel for dialogue between the people of the world and its governments.

Why we are

The Planetary Movement uses information technology and mass communications to promote the objectives of organizations, political parties, social movements and individuals who stand for progressive democratic ideals.

The Planetary Movement Limited specializes in producing electronic information by

1. Undertaking government relations projects in Europe and America to increase the flow of information between emergent and established democracies.

2. Producing e-newsletters to disseminate news, information and awareness about the growth of democracy as a means to realise social and political

3. Producing documentary films for the public, as well as educational and training materials for democratic organisations,

4. Providing counseling and training through seminars and workshops,

5. Creating and maintaining websites for our project partners,

Planetary has a small core of staff and associates based in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America.

We believe that information and communications technologies have a vital role to play in fostering democracy and justice on a planetary scale. Our core strategy is to utilize the Internet and the World Wide Web to promote planetary justice, democracy, freedom and progressive political change.

Planetary operates through a small cadre of highly skilled and experienced staff based in Oxford (UK), New York, Washington and Moscow, with associates arrayed across Europe, as well as bureaus based in Asia, Africa, Australasia and America.

The Planetary Movement Limited is a not for profit (non-profit) organisation registered as a company limited by guarantee in the United Kingdom and as non-profit public affairs committee in the United States of America.

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