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Aug 24th
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Last Friday on the BBC's premier news program, Newsnight, Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned that massive voter fraud will decide the US presidential election in favor of John McCain.

Greg Palast interviewed a former Republican US Attorney in New Mexico named David Iglesias who told him that he was fired by the Bush administration because he refused to collaborate in the investigation and prosecution of voter fraud cases ordered by Karl Rove that were designed to suppress the Democratic vote. 

In Detroit, Palast discovered that recent foreclosures of homeowners have cast many low income and black voters off the voter rolls -- a situation analogous to the voting rights of the 18th century when only landholders were granted the franchise.  The situation in Michigan with massive numbers of foreclosures is being exploited by the Republicans who plan to suppress, challenge and intimidate low income and black voters.

In Colorado, Palast reported that the Republican Secretary of State, Donetta Davidson, orchestrated a purge of 19.4% of the poorest voters disenfranchising nearly one in five US citizens living in that key battleground state.  After her massive voter purge, President George W. Bush appointed Donetta Davidson  to head the Elections Assistance Commission in Washington DC.  At the Elections Assistance Commission headquarters in Washington, Palast interviewed Tova Wang, the ranking Democratic author of the report on Election Crime published by the bipartisan commission.  Ms. Wang said that even though she had documented evidence of massive voter suppression and voter intimidation that excluded Democratic voters, the Republicans serving under Donetta Davidson censored her findings in the final edition of the report.  It now appears as if Donetta Davidson could become the Katherine Harris of the 2008 election.

In his summation, Palast noted that 3 million votes have been suppressed in previous presidential elections but the number could be much higher this year. 

Palast concluded his report with the salient observation that the US presidential election will not be decided by which candidate gets the most votes, but rather by which candidate suppresses the votes most effectively.

To view this alarming report of massive systematic vote fraud and voter suppression in the USA simply go to Greg Palast's site and scroll down to the video window of this crucial two-part BBC story that the mainstream media (MSM) won't broadcast in Bush's America.

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