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Jul 22nd
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bidenA war of words has broken out between the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Joseph Biden and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

During a teleconference between Senator Biden and members of the Jewish press yesterday, the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate stated his candid opinion that AIPAC does not speak for the government of Israel.  Biden's frank comments about AIPAC raised eyebrows in Israel as well as amongst the tiny nation’s supporters in America. 

The backstory to yesterday's teleconference between Biden and a group of Jewish news organizations involves a broadcast that took place earlier this week in Israel.

One of the most influential news organizations in Israel, Israel Army Radio, broadcast details of a briefing that occurred some time ago during which Senator Biden allegedly told officials in Israel that they should reconcile themselves to the concept of Iran eventually obtaining nuclear weapons.

According to the broadcast, Senator Biden said that he was opposed to opening a new front in the Iraq war -- and he was opposed to opening a new diplomatic front -- due to America's already complicated and costly involvement in Iraq.

In a statement following the Israeli Army Radio broadcast, a spokesman for Senator Biden stated that the report was a "lie."

Yesterday's teleconference was an attempt by several pro-Israeli news agencies to clarify Senator Biden's position on what many in Israel perceive as a threat to their national security by the government of Iran.  Sources in Washington report that individuals linked to officials of AIPAC orchestrated the teleconference with Senator Biden.

In Israel the right wing of the political spectrum fears the regime in Tehran.  The leaders of Likud, a right-wing party, advocate a pre-emptive attack on Iran to destroy its nuclear facilities.  Reports of an imminent US and Israeli attack on Iran persist, and some of the most detailed accounts of this story have been broadcast on Israel Army Radio.

Following Senator Biden’s candid press conference, the subject of peace in the Middle East and Israel's diplomatic status vis a vis the United States is moving toward center stage in the Vice Presidential campaign.   Senator Biden is now on a collision course with Governor Sarah Palin, who supports pre-emptive military action against Iran. 

In her acceptance speech, the Governor of Alaska belittled Senator Obama's preference for diplomatic negotiations with Iran and other states deemed problematic.  Governor Palin is well known as an evangelical supporter of AIPAC's ideological cant who is sometimes labeled a ‘Christian Zionist.’ Thus, Senator Biden has just maneuvered to Governor Palin's left.

The political fallout may eventually accrue to the benefit of the Obama-Biden ticket, as an increasing number of Americans have read Palestine:  Peace not Apartheid by former President Jimmy Carter who has published his criticism of successive governments of Israel for failing to recognize the human rights of Palestinians.  During his term, former President Carter made history by engineering the historic Camp David Accords that established peace between the nations of Israel and Egypt.

Boredom is displacing alarm in the minds of many Americans as voters become weary of the aggressive policies of the governments of Israel.  Other American scholars, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt published their studies of the workings of AIPAC in their bestselling book, The Israel Lobby.

Another complicating factor for America’s perception of AIPAC involved prominent espionage cases such as those of Jonathan Pollard and Lawrence Franklin that involved Israel's intelligence agents engaged in spying against America.  These espionage cases have contributed to the transformation of public opinion with many Americans now taking a more circumspect view of the tiny but heavily armed nation that is frequently described as one of America’s strongest allies. More cautious views of Israel and AIPAC are now spreading throughout the body politic of Middle America.

There is little doubt that there is now a growing dissatisfaction in America with Bush Era foreign policy that appears to have been driven by exaggerated concerns over the national security of Israel rather than realistic concerns for the national security of the United States.  Many scholars of international relations including Mearsheimer and Walt have scrutinized the role of AIPAC in nurturing fears about the national security of the United States that have proven to be unrealistic as in the case of the war in Iraq.

In the United States, AIPAC enjoys a diverse group of supporters that includes the colorful Pastor John Hagee, an evangelical minister from San Antonio who preaches fiery sermons about the Rapture, the Second Coming, the Apocalypse, the conversion of the Jews to Christianity and Hitler’s role in biblical prophecy as well as the central role of Israel in the End Times prophecies that appear in the Christian Bible. 

In 2007, Pastor Hagee delivered the keynote address to AIPAC during its annual conference in Washington.  Earlier this year, Pastor Hagee endorsed the presidential candidacy of Senator John McCain.  However, following revelations about the unorthodox theological views of Hagee, Senator McCain rejected the controversial endorsement.  More recently, Franklin Graham and his father, Billy Graham, who are both Christian Zionists and strong supporters of AIPAC met privately with Senator McCain, a gesture that is tantamount to their political endorsement.

Many experts believe that President Bush's evangelical ideology influenced his approach to foreign policy.  Some commentators have focused on the Islamophobic writings of President Bush’s namesake, Reverend George Bush, who was a cousin of one of the president’s ancestors who lived in the nineteenth century.  Reverend George Bush authored , The Life of Mohammed, an antiquated rhetorical attack on the founder of Islam. 

President Bush, Senator McCain and Governor Palin enjoy the warm admiration and gratitude of AIPAC, a lobbying group that is now becoming a focus in the Vice Presidential campaign because of the defining comments about the limits of its role in foreign policy made by Senator Joe Biden who is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

In another comment yesterday, Senator Biden raised the possibility of seeking criminal indictments against President Bush.  In the campaign to succeed Bush, Joe Biden just raised the bar.

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written by Reg Corleonis, September 04, 2008
Geez. In the space of 24 hours Biden spills some real blood. First, he vocally and unequivocally reveals his intention to investigate Bush/Cheney for their serial criminality. Then he sticks it to the Zionists. Go Joe!! Biden for President!!
Finally some backbone
written by John Glenn, September 05, 2008
Glad to see someone finally standing up to the AIPAC brownshirts.
So ironic that zionists invoke the holocaust, the fascist attack on a nationality,
to defend their own fascist attack on Palestinians.
written by Dawn, September 05, 2008
I am confused> Biden said he was a zionist. So, why is he doing this all of a sudden? Political strategy?
And prosecute Bush/Cheney? I would love to see that. But it will happen just like Pelosi impeached them. Lies all lies.
How do you know a politician is lying? His lips are moving. And Biden has a lot to gain by tricking us into voting for him.
The truth is that Biden and Obama are owned by AIPAC.
Mccain is owned by the same people.
Obama and Mccain are two heads on the same dog.
Wake up america, The Powers that Be win no matter who you vote for--expect 4 more years of the same--no matter what.
The tail wagging the dog?
written by GUY FOX, September 05, 2008
It's refreshing that a politician dares to mildly question the influence of AIPAC. The tail has been wagging the dog for the Zionist theocrazy of Israel foe a long time. It's time for Congress and the White House to put the interests of Americans before the interests of racist bigoted Israelis leaders, and especially the hard core Zionists $ettlers who gleefully commit tribe-all-eeego violence and apartheid against the Palestinians. Indeed! If I was a Palestinian in Gaza, I'd be working in a basement bomb factory. Quite frankly... many of us out here have had enough of Israel. They reap what they sow!
written by robertsgt40, September 05, 2008
You forgot to mention the USS Liberty but good analysis.
written by Huh?, September 05, 2008
Spot on Dawn.

written by John Morton, September 06, 2008
People need to stop being confused about this issue.

Being a Zionist, i.e. a supporter of the concept of the right of the state of Israel to exist, does not make you a right wing, Lkud/Jabotinskyite lunatic.

Israel has political factions just the same as the US, and all Joe Biden is saying is that he favours a moderate policy stance rather than an aggressive, military expansionist/armageddonist/fundamentalist view.

At the end of the day, the Christian Zionists are anti-semites with their distorted religious views.
Speeling mistayk
written by OhYeah, September 06, 2008
" Governor Palin is well known as an evangelical supporter of AIPAC's ideological cant who is sometimes labeled a ‘Christian Zionist.’ "

I spotted a typo, the above should read...

" Governor Palin is well known as an evangelical supporter of AIPAC's ideological cunt who is sometimes labeled a ‘Christian Zionist.’ "
Joe Biden Just Sealed His Defeat
written by rick, September 07, 2008
Can't you see that Joe Biden just sealed his defeat? This war with Iran/Israel is going to happen, whether we like it or not. It is the will of "God" (Elites who control the world). It is a "MUST-BE", as they say.

Don't you know that no matter how popular Obama may become in the wake of this, he can't defeat Palin? If you try to document this, they will break into your house with full riot SWAT gear and terrorize you and your child, no matter how young (pre-emptive raids at RNC)

If you try to delegate for Ron Paul, they'll take your literature away and then say "there's going to be an issue, because we're Police" (infowars.com)

If you try to even cover a protest as a journalist, they'll knock you down on the ground and smear your face across the pavement, no matter that you are a woman (Democracy Now at the RNC)

Because the Police are out now in full force, all points bulletins in favor of McCain. Maybe John Walsh of America's Most Wanted, who is noted as a "protector of children" will laud and praise the valiant efforts of black-uniformed, flack-jacketed, SWAT-black-baseballed capped Police captains in terrorizing the children of "America's Most Wanted Suspected Protestor Organizer's guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism" (slashing a cop car tire in retaliation for bullying children.

I HATE BULLIES! No, I'm afraid it's past peace and words. I'm afraid it's only the gun that's going to solve this now.
written by hayate, September 08, 2008
I think biden's comments might mean he takes the israeli labor party's views. They are not much different from likud in goals, but are more clever in their methods of trying to attain them. So instead of outright attacking Iran overtly, as likud wants, labor wants to increase covert terrorism in Iran to cause destablisation and affect "regime change". Back in the 80's, biden oversaw the cover-up of the Iran-contra crimes, he's in the manure as deep as any other of these corporate fascists. This is just the usual electioneering to hoodwink the voters.
written by Ian deMontfort, September 15, 2008
AIPAC need to be history, and soon. AIPAC is an organisation that has compromised the USA on many occasions for the sake of Israel. AIPAC is pro-Israel and has always been. Ameica must take control before she is bled dry and left to die in the dirt.
written by Jaime, October 12, 2008
Interesting story, I appreciate Biden's disdain towards to AIPAC-- AWESOME its about time.

However, I've heard a rumor...

Supposedly Biden's going to pull out of the race due to "medical reasons" and Hilary's going to jump on the ticket.

CNN's been featuring this "Fit to Lead" documentary for a few days now..... hmmm

Obama bought 30 minutes of primetime air time six days before the election......

I don't think he's going to last... I wonder why? ;)

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