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Aug 24th
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April 22, 2018

The super rich in our overwrought world are awash in money . . . and awash in debt.  Praise the gods of technology for computers which, along with accountants and attorneys keep track of it all, and for banks all over the world to hide it from prying eyes.  Really, is it anyone else's business?   Well, yes, at times . . . like now!

There's Manafort, Gates, Trump, Ichan, Kushner, Mnuchin -- just a few of our very own American fast money hot shots.  They borrow billions (with a "B"), owe billions, hustle for billions, and count anyone not in that maelstrom as lesser mortals and losers.  

So, we have to have other computers, attorneys and accountants, plus prosecutors to follow the money and discern how it was gotten, whence it came and whither it goes.  Thus we try to hold accountable those whose gains were ill-gotten and whose losses and debts put them in jeopardy with other billionaires.

What would we do without investigators and prosecutors to pull away the veil of shady, artful obfuscation?  Now we begin to see it emerge: the vast world of high roller, money hungry persons who are currently using our government to enhance their greedy self enrichment, and in the process, are dismantling our democratic institutions.  The Bible says that "money is the root of all evil."

That may be true, but lust runs a close second, and lust may be the joker that throws a monkey wrench into the gears of the money machine.  Hiding and laundering all that money is complicated.  Lust is not complicated.  But when lust needs to be hidden and covered up, money comes out of the closet.  Track the former and we stumble on the latter.  And, the surreptitious moving of the money is illegal and can be and is being prosecuted.

How wonderfully ironic that the careful machinations involved in hiding and moving tons of money is undone by the base and common reality of high roller lust.

Rev. Rollin O Russell
Hillsborough, NC
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