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Jan 18th
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A Trump Retrospective, in Tweets and Columns By Steven Jonas PDF Print E-mail
August 22, 2016

Everyone who knows anything about U.S. politics knows that Tweeting is one of Donald Trump's favorite means of communication. He has a huuuge Twitter following (I must admit that I don't know how many) and re-tweets frequently (but when those are from far-right-wingers he claims not to know "anything about that" (not Trump's only form of Know-Nothingism). It is impossible to know whether or not Trump writes all of his Tweets himself. But they do at times come thick and fast. So perhaps there are Tweet-ghosts hovering about (although the chances that they are anything like the guilt-consumed/now-confessional ghost writer for "The Art of the Deal" Tony Schwartz are slim).

At any rate, I write Tweets too, on the average of about two a week. My following is just slightly less than Trump's, well, actually a whole lot less: something less than 1,600. My Tweets can be found at TPJ Magazine. (By the way, the publication of the magazine itself is suspended.) Looking back over them, I found that the majority actually were about Trump. And so, I thought that at this time it might be fun (educational, thought-provoking, historical, hysterical [?]) to re-visit some of them, in chronological order.

I have also included references to several TGP columns of mine on the subject of Trump.

1. My very first on Trump , June 16, 2015 (when he declared his candidacy for the Presidency):

Trump goes Full Nativist. Poor guy. Just has nothing else, except $9 bil. made off his father's money and gambling. (Comment: little did anyone know at the time just how far that combination would take him. What a comment on our nation.)

2. I didn't get to him again until August 19, 2015. Like others, I wasn't taking him too seriously at that time: So Trump employs undocumented immigrants. If e-verify went through, how much in fines; how much would profits drop?

3. Then on November 15, 2015 came: Trump reveals himself as equal opportunity "taking-advantage-of-hate" hater: Afro.-Americans, Latino (only) immigrants, Muslims.  Note: By this time, I had already written my first full-length column on him: "Hair Trump or Herr Trump? Then one came out on December 15, 2015: "Trump, the Right-Ward Imperative, and the Republican Party"

4. An important but not much mentioned point about the "Trump U." case is that Trump might face criminal as well as civil charges. No wonder he is going after the judge. Note: A column of mine on Trump and the Orlando Massacre appeared on June 16, 2016: "Orlando, Trump, Identity-Group-Hate-Politics, and the Republican Party"

On June 21, 2016 I published a column on the subject Trump becoming a fascist. That is because he had directly linked his racism, bigotry, xenophobia and etc. to the U.S. capitalist class and protecting its interests: "Donald Trump: Turning the Corner Towards Fascism (but First let's Define it)."

5. Back to the Tweets, on July 7, 2016 I hazarded a guess that Trump might be demented (scroll down). Is Trump rant/rave all act or real person? Convinced it's latter. Made much money younger. Couldn't have with this persona. Perhaps a dementia?

6. On July 26, 2016, I noted that: The only similarity between the Repubs.' and the Democrats' first convention evenings: both featured speeches by Michelle Obama.

On July 27, 2016, I wondered if Trump might appoint his British clone, Boris Johnson, as Secretary of State: Will Trump offer him dual appointment as Secretary of State? US was part of British Empire. History details seem to trump Trump often.

7. On Aug. 2, I speculated, as I have more than once during the whole of the Trump saga (and that's not an original thought) that perhaps he isn't in it to be in it. For readers who like humor in their politics, try this on for size. Maybe for Trump it really is one big book tour. After, a special offer on a limited edition signed copy of "The Art of the Deal" is available.

8. Then finally, just a few days ago I, like so many others, took note of Trump advocating assassination of political enemies (and that's what he did folks, no matter how you want to slice it). This is fascism, pure and simple (see the definition in my column of June 21, 2016, noted above).

Mystery Nick (Kristof of The New York Times), who was at the time, for some unknown reason, giving the man the benefit of the doubt)? Nah. Trump advocates assassination. No joke. By definition, he's a Fascist.

Yes, indeed folks. While many U.S. Presidents have been responsible for the killing of many, many people overseas (as well as many Native and African- Americans on these shores), this is the first one who has his sights firmly set on many (non-Native and African-Americans) right here at home.

There is no leeway to be given here. No guessing about what this true fascist really meant. After getting close to undressing in public on a number of previous occasions, he has now done it for real. (And yes, that's figuratively undressing. Undressing in the flesh might even be more disgusting.) Republicans by the droves are now coming out to get out from under him. Will the rush become an avalanche? And by the way, will one of the most prominent former senior Republican officials who did not sign the "we cannot support Trump" letter, who as a junior officer in Viet Nam slowed down the transmission of the report on the My Lai Massacre as a it made its way up the chain of command --- that would be Colin Powell --- now, finally, be persuaded to do so?

The big question many are asking is, especially since he has now added the "Obama Founded ISIS" bit, is Trump setting himself up for the big fall (see also Michael Moore on this one), or is it just happening naturally, because of who he is and his state of mind at this time of his life?

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