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Nov 17th
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Memo to Obama: Dismiss McChrystal by Michael Carmichael
A Story of Betrayal by Uri Avnery
The Drama and the Farce by Uri Avnery
The Most Ominous Monopoly by Michael Carmichael
UM-Shmum, UM-Boom by Uri Avnery
The Story of My Shoe by Muntadhar al-Zaidi
Wobbly Stool by Uri Avnery
Health Care is a Civil Right by Dennis Kucinich
The Elders' View Of the Middle East by Jimmy Carter
Crisis & Hope by Noam Chomsky
The Boycott Revisited by Uri Avnery
Tutuís Prayer by Uri Avnery
The Lawmaker by Michael Carmichael
The Bogie Horror Show by Uri Avnery
Lockerbie & Kafka's Labyrinth by Michael Carmichael
Fake Elections Wonít Bring Peace to Afghanistan by Eric Margolis
The Masquerade is Over! by Dennis Kucinich
Whose Acre? by Uri Avnery
I Hate to Bother You by Eduardo Galeano
Lover of the country by Uri Avnery
Happy Birthday, Hiroshima by Shelby Tucker
Jeremiad by Uri Avnery
Yes, You Can! by Uri Avnery
Kucinich keeps Single-Payer healthcare alive by Michael Carmichael
The Johnny Principle by Uri Avnery
Russian reticence to Obama's reset by Eric Margolis
An Appreciation of Graham Greene by Andrew Bacevich
End religious discrimination against women by Jimmy Carter
The decline of Israelís progressive movement by Helena Cobban
Matter of the Heart by Uri Avnery
Obama's strategic blind spot by Andrew Bacevich
I oppose the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 by Dennis Kucinich
Between Tel Aviv and Tehran by Uri Avnery
What President Obama Should Say about Iran's Election by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
The Birth of a New Palestine by Jimmy Carter
Winning the war on drugs by Steve Jonas
Beyond Dissidence an interview with Noam Chomsky
US Predators Provoke Pakistan by Michael Carmichael
Bush's final Pyrrhic victory? by Michael Carmichael, January 18, 2009
Gaza Prospect by Trevor Mostyn
Why Bush Loves Violence by Justin Frank
My 85th birthday by Uri Avnery
Key witness in Rove probes killed by Michael Carmichael
Jittery Republicans scrutinize Palin Filed by Michael Carmichael
Obama obliterates McCain by Michael Carmichael
Obama reboots by Michael Carmichael
Bush pushes crisis to stun Obama by Michael Carmichael
Dave Kelley, This election is over IF. . . .
Reeling from polls -- Obama strikes back by Michael Carmichael
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